Too little, too late.

How many hot cups of coffee do I‌ have left to savor?‌ How many books will I‌ be able to read? How many gorgeous winter sunrises do I‌ have left to witness, driving on the highway, all the whites and blues and piercing cold sunlight?

Hopefully many.

How many times left to watch my daughter fall asleep, in this stage, so small, still a baby even though she’s no longer a baby? She was a baby, and then I blinked and she wasn’t. It goes by so fast.

How many songs left to write, ideas grasped out of nothingness, a tune from another world that becomes mine?

How many more plates of okonomiyaki, or mac and cheese with collard greens, cabbage rolls and perogies on the holidays with loved ones?‌ How many times will I‌ connect with my grandparents, my parents, aunties and uncles and all the rest?

How many more days like this one?

I‌ live like I‌ assume I’ll live forever. I take it for granted. There will be a million more, a million more.

I don’t want to forget to cherish you. To wake up in 50 years and realize it was wasted. It all went by and I‌ was blind to it. Like a dream, a life that evaporates.

I want to wake up tomorrow, and really wake up.


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  1. random internet person

    These are beautiful prayers. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. J.T. Remillard

    To true.
    Just found your site; I am 58 years old and going back to learning keyboard after many years away.
    Your words are especially poignant at this time. I am a big classic rock fan, and found out Neil Peart, the drummer for Rush passed away. Can’t believe it. I saw Rush in the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s.
    Time passes so fast. I remember when my kids were babies, and now they are driving me around! Love people while you can.

    1. Allysia

      I was sad to hear about Neil Peart too – such a legend, and so young too. Thanks for your comment. <3

  3. Mahyar

    This made me both sad and nervous. There is nothing wrong about what you wrote it’s just me feeling this way. I have been thinking about this many many times in my life. Every time I forget it again and get too busy with my life and then boom it hits me again. Life…

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