Hi! I’m Allysia. I’m a mother, artist and entrepreneur, and always have a lot on the go.

PianoTV is my main project, where I create videos on all things piano, as well as teaching online courses.

I write loud rock music and have an album on the way. After playing a ton of shows, we released an album way back in 2012, which you can find on Spotify. We went on hiatus for nearly a decade, and it’s nice to be back in the saddle.

You can learn more about me here.


My life is equal parts mundane and unconventional. Sometimes I have to sweep under my toddler’s dinner chair three times a day, and I’ve been setting my own schedule since 2012. As an entrepreneur and parent, I’m big into planning and organization, but I also strive to stay focused on the few big things in life that actually matter, because it’s all so precious and fleeting.

I share thoughts on this, art and life on my blog, as well as my podcast/YouTube channel “Daily Musings”.


Stay in touch! 🙂 I write a newsletter once in a while to share what I'm learning and what I'm getting up to.