The Criminal Kid

The Criminal Kid was a band of four hoodlums from Saskatchwan who liked playing loud rock music. I sang and played keys, Michael Van Betuw drummed, Vic Roman was the guitarist and Jeremy Pilon played bass. We spent four years being quite active in the local scene, culminating in a full-length album which we released in Fall 2012. You can check out the album below, or find us on Spotify.


My friend Rob Hillstead has a video of us performing October Song, in Halloween costumes, from 2011.

October Song – The Criminal Kid from rob hillstead on Vimeo.

Solo projects and collaborations


When I lived in Austin, TX during 2013, I collaborated with a culinary school classmate on two tracks, one of which is available online. It features me on vocals and keys, and Brandon on everything else.

Roman ft. Allysia

A friend of many years, Dave Roman, helped record and produce many local albums (including projects I’ve been involved in). In the summer of 2013, we decided to collaborate on a track together – a tune I wrote, sang and played keys for, and which he embellished and produced.

Moonlight Sonata

My filmmaker and musician friend Rob Hillstead created a film called “The Dark Somnambulist”, and we recorded Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for the project. Features me on piano, recorded in my old music studio.

Kat has the Key

Kat Has the Key was my very first band, formed in 2004. It was an experimental jam band made up of three core members – myself on vocals and keys, Rob Hillstead on guitar, and Doug Slack on drums. We recorded a few tracks in 2010. Since a decade has passed since then, it’s difficult to listen to these without immense self-judgement, but I’ll share them here nonetheless. 🙂