—> Run. —>

I need that slice of cherry pie. I deserve a treat. Live for today, buy that steak. Drinks with friends, on repeat, happiness in a bottle. The nicest, newest. I’ll turn heads with this dress, this suit, this car, this cigar. It’s all for someone else.

Need. Constant, aching need. Vanilla is boring. Why have vanilla, when you can have it all? Contentment with simplicity is for plebians. I’m above it. It takes more than that to spin me around. Don’t give me a sunset at home, I’ve seen it before. A sunset in Santorini or nothing. Every experience must be the best experience. I’m worth it. I need to peak, and peak again.

Quiet contemplation, humility, gratitude, tolerance. Drugs of the masses. Why settle for less?

Carbon tax means less. Electric vehicles means less. I cannot change, I cannot downsize, I cannot have less. I am in an upward spiral dance with capitalism, growth forever.

Consumption is pleasure. Conservation is a grind. All grinds must be avoided at all costs. There is no joy to be found in chores, in responsibility, in caretaking. I am above monotony. Sacrifice is a dirty word.

I need to work, all hours, all times, and run for it too. I am not lazy like them. Without all of these hours clocked, I could not have more, and more, and more. Simplicity is a dirty word. They are simple, and I hate them. They do not dream big. They do not see like I see. They want a big group hug and they are delusional. They are the sheep. Sheep need a shepherd. They need a whip. They must run for it too.

I cannot see the story. I exist in a perpetual blind moment. I commit to the machine.

Run, run, run.