15 Month Baby (Or is it toddler?) Update!

Hey friends!

I’m finally back with a video update featuring the life and times of my daughter. I talk about things like nursing and cloth diapering, and what developmental milestones she’s going through – as well as giving you a peek into life with a small and active child.



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  1. keith

    I cannot BELIEVE that I just spent 13 minutes watching a video about a 15 month old. BUT, when I swung by the site and saw that my ‘friend’ Allysia had put forth the time and effort to produce the video, and, there was (at least as yet) nary a single comment, I just had to let you know that your effort did not go for naught. Well, you really have an absolutely beautiful little girl. And, that’s coming from someone who is not a “kid-fan”. If I had to guess, I would guess that it seems just like yesterday that she was born. I absolutely cannot believe that I’m 85 years old…..That only happens to “other people”. Whatever. My absolute best wishes in pursuing your “Mom adventure”. 🙂


    1. Allysia

      Ha ha ha, I’m glad you watched. 🙂 I appreciate your kindness, and as a fellow non-kid-fan, I can say that she’s exceeded my expectations so far. 🙂

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