What a great effort it is, to live life cheerfully and with verve and energy. It takes a lot. The more I think about it, the more it’s like art. We have these impulses to create art, but they’re random. If we just follow our impulses, our art output would be really minimal. We have to sit down and decide to do the work. Most of the time it’s not “finding motivation” but “creating motivation”.


And the same, then, for being cheerful. For being energetic. It’s just like art. Sometimes we’re in the mood, other times it’s a herculean effort. I’m not saying one could be cheerful indefinitely (I wouldn’t know how to go that far), but to make the effort to be cheerful the vast majority of the time – wouldn’t that make the world a better place? Wouldn’t that be one of the best contributions you could bring to life?


Because if you’re energetic, vervy, zesty – that has to rub off on others, right? Energy and enthusiasm is contagious. I want people to feel refreshed after being around me. Restored. I want my energy signature to be a force of good.


But then I have to do the work.


Don’t we as humans tend to take the lazy route? We just give in to our moods and feelings, accepting them as reality, accepting them as unchangeable. “I’m feeling lazy”, “I’m feeling bored”, “I’m feeling sad”, “I’m feeling happy”. It’s like the winds of moods blow us wherever they please, and we’re scraps of human paper. But who wants to be so flimsy and two-dimensional?


Sit down, do the work. Be an energy artist. Live my life like every day counts, which of course it always does.