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Love and Kindness

I wrote this on October 12, 2011, the day after my 25th birthday.

The month prior was spent in beautiful Northern California, where I breathed the ocean and lived all by myself and was lonely and revitalized. There was a creative streak that followed, but it faded (as is wont to happen without kindling).

It’s harder to write about positive shifts (ahh the angsty artist), but maybe it’s more important.



Love and Kindness

You pulled me up and
I let you down.
A mountainside, steep and promiseless
I’d forgotten how
To hold on.
And forgiveness rushes by like movie slides,
And we’re blind to it, and
We’re bound to it.

I waited for a perfect moment
But the story didn’t wait for me.
And I tell you everything, and I give you everything.
Scene by scene, again and again.
It’s all perfect in the end.
I close my eyes and watch it unwind.

I’m not a stranger, and
No one’s estranged.
This damp earth runs deep and ageless
Temporal and changeless and
I’m learning how
To move on.
And forgiveness rushes by like movie slides,
Scene by scene, over and over.
Love and kindness.
Love and kindness.
Love and kindness.





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