Now: What I'm currently doing and working on

A friend of mine gave me the idea to create this section of the website – an updated glimpse of what my current goals and challenges are. A snapshot of my life in this particular moment.


Beginner course: I launched this course toward the end of November 2020, and expect to run it until April 2021. I am in the process of creating content for the course in addition to teaching live lessons for the participants.

Vegan Cooking Challenge

We’ve created a “flagship” course for VCC, which we gave a test run in October. Next steps involve creating blog, YouTube and Instagram content for VCC on a weekly basis.

The Criminal Kid

Album: The album is in the final mixing stages – we’re currently doing a small amount of tweaking and re-recording.

Filming a music video for the album has been postponed from November to March because of Covid.

It’s my aim to release this album in the late spring or summer, though I’m keeping it flexible due to a desire to perform in conjunction with a release.

Daily Musings

I started filming videos on my personal channel Monday-Friday. It began in September as a 30-day challenge, and I like the opportunity to explore my interests in a public way. I intend to continue posting these videos through 2021.


  • Read 52 books each year (I’m at 42)
  • Journal most days; surpass my minimum yearly goal of journaling 50,000 words (I’m at 85,000 words)

Theme for 2020

My theme for this year is courage. I’ve been exploring the idea of my life as a story, taking big steps toward creating a life I love – which means taking the challenging road much of the time. I want to think in terms of memories and experiences, instead of just focusing on goal achievement. How will these goals make my life more interesting along the way? If my life was a story, what would make the plot engaging? A secondary theme is self-acceptance, which is needed to truly step into my power. Self-acceptance and courage together will allow me to unleash my unlimited potential.

Q2 Goals: Spring 2020



  • Continue emailing my list every Wednesday to maintain engagement
  • Implement new landing pages for my courses
  • Create a new email opt-in: a quiz with helpful PDF downloads
  • Begin offering private lessons with several contracted teachers by the end of June (ideally closer to the start of June)
  • Adjudicate a local music festival online at the beginning of June
  • Come up with a personal development product idea with friends
  • Continue meeting with my business mastermind each week
  • Re-launch the DYOPP tier 2 at the end of May
  • Hit 100k subscribers and create a celebration livestream (it’s looking like this’ll happen in May!)


  • Reach the halfway point on my 100k year-end income goal by the end of June 
  • Keep spending to a minimum so I can recoup lost income tax savings (I was scammed and lost everything I was saving for my annual tax payment), and file taxes for 2019
  • Start a “personal development” savings account (for membership subscriptions, money for courses, etc.), with an automatic monthly deposit of $350 per month


  • Write the piano/vocal versions of each song on my upcoming album – finish good versions by the end of June, and share works in progress with potential collaborators so they can write ideas
  • Plan a 1-week summertime recording session with sound engineer and collaborators
  • Discuss the idea of working with my friend as a manager
  • Begin sharing a weekly songwriting video for PianoTV (start this in June)
  • Post on this blog at least once per week
  • Post on my personal video channel at least once per week

Social and Relationships

  • Continue nurturing my romantic relationship on a daily basis
  • Read and sing with my daughter each day (at least 30 minutes)
  • Continue with my current abundant social flow (a mastermind, a writer’s group, a movie club, a big weekly group chat, and several one-on-ones each week, plus anything else that spontaneously pops up)
  • Continue enjoying undistracted time with friends and loved ones, with the opportunity to engage for long periods of time – social connections are a high priority this year


  • Finish reading 20 books by the end of June (10 books between May/June)
  • Walk for at least 30 minutes each day
  • Do at least 30 minutes of (challenging, sweat-inducing) yoga at least five days per week
  • Journal most days; surpass my minimum yearly goal of journaling 50,000 words 



I’ll continue to update this page as things change and I make progress. I’ll also provide relevant blog links when necessary. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂