About Allysia

Hi! I’m a Canadian artist passionate about music, good food, books, journaling, personal growth, adventure, and a vast swath of et cetera. Check out some of my projects below and you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

Some life highlights involve going to (two!) culinary schools, raising a toddler, recording and releasing an alt-rock album (with the second due out in 2021), creating a YouTube channel with 120k subscribers, experiencing life in both a small town and a big city, making amazing friends around the globe, starting my own business, and neatly arranging the spice jars on my counter.

Read more about me below, visit the blog, browse through my many projects, and/or check out my “now” page to see what I’m currently up to.

My Projects

Check out the various creative projects I've got on the go.

The Criminal Kid

My band + musical projects


Learn how to play piano with my courses and 400+ videos.

Personal YouTube Channel

Videos on life, productivity, creativity and more.


What I'm thinking about, learning and exploring.

Books I've written

A (small!) collection of the books I've written so far.

Food and Cooking

A newly-started food blog where I share simple vegan recipes.


Snippets of my life (so mainly food).

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